How Should New Real Estate Agents Start Marketing?

Real estate agents need to have a competitive advantage to stand out. Since most buyers use the first agent they interview, you need to be top-of-mind amongst other real estate professionals.

So what are some marketing tips for a new agent to compete in the real estate industry?

Start with your real estate marketing strategy. Some real estate marketing ideas include building an online presence or personal brand awareness. Highlight your credentials like your real estate licence, and what you offer that other agents don’t. A critical real estate marketing idea is connecting with your target market in multiple ways, including direct mail, email, and online presence, to stay memorable.

Marketing Ideas For New Real Estate Agents

Online Marketing

Most of your real estate marketing should be online, as most buyers focus on home-buying searches this way.

Paid ads like Google Search or Display work, but without expert strategy, they won’t be fully effective in highlighting you on search engines.


Many consumers research services on the internet before committing. Create a website for your real estate business which highlights your strengths and what you can do for customers; be sure to show what differentiates you from others.

For the most impact, your website should be responsive, and viewable on mobile devices. Strong bios and attractive photos are essential.

Specifically, some real estate marketing ideas are to have a feature listing presentation at the top of your website, and update these listings regularly. Information tools, like mortgage and closing costs calculators, give real value to your clients and limit the need to search further and possibly find what they need on a competitor’s site.

Also, set up a Google Business Profile; it’s free and encourages potential customers to click to your website.

Blogs and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Add content like blog posts to your site regularly; ideally, add a blog post every couple of days.

These posts should be educational, including valuable content, to encourage web traffic. You can highlight your listings and area details, as well as information like statistics.

Posts can promote a neighbourhood, describing the lifestyle appeal of the area. Every neighbourhood is different, and you can generate leads for each one. Highlight things to do, family activities, local attractions and more.

Blogging enhances SEO, generates traffic, and gives beneficial information to prospective clients, but it’s critical to ensure all posts are high quality so they aren’t disregarded.

Social Media Platforms

An effective real estate agent will maintain active social media accounts; advertising on these sites may also be helpful.


Instagram is a popular site for being able to connect with home buyers and promote property listings through your social media posts.

Instagram encourages content like Stories and Reels for improved placement in feeds. When creating a Reel, be sure to introduce yourself personally at the start of the video. The polls option allows you to engage followers more directly.

Instagram ads help your branding, allowing you to pick target audiences and post types, such as images or videos. Hashtags can help target your intended audience.


A Facebook page may be useful for general updates on events, but Facebook Ads and Messenger Ads may help you gain the wider audience you need.

Make sure visuals are eye-catching on Facebook Marketing to attract attention on this platform where people are primarily interested in connecting with friends and family.

General Tips

Humour is an excellent way to keep people interested and following you on any of the social media channels, but be sure to target posting tone style to each of the platforms.

Videos are popular and effective, but ensure to market locally and capitalize on targeted keyword strategies and other techniques to get the most clients clicking to your website.

You can also try retargeting, where you use code on a website that allows you to reinforce marketing on different platforms.

Real Estate Sites

Another effective marketing method is to use industry-specific sites.

For example, Zillow allows you to tap into a very wide audience that is already actively looking to buy or sell. Parkbench limits membership to one agent per area. It offers relationship-building with local businesses to boost your referral system.

Virtual and Video tours

Virtual tours became especially important and common during Covid, to replace open houses, but many potential clients prefer these, anyway. Differentiate your virtual tour by using a drone to show the overall property and layout better.

Virtual staging is another option. For empty listings, get virtual staging software, or have it done professionally, to show how empty rooms could look. This helps potential buyers imagine how the property could look. You can cater virtually staged photos to the individual client, such as tailoring for a family or young professional.

Word of Mouth

People now rely heavily on social proof, such as reviews and ratings from past clients. Businesses need to be actively encouraging reviews.

You can request them through Google reviews, testimonials to post on your web site, or any other third party review site.

It’s critical to make sure your clients are fully satisfied, and work to obtain as many positive reviews from former clients as possible.


Partnerships further spread your name. Increasing connections can make all the difference in getting a lead.

Spend time in a community by volunteering or joining local organizations. Consider local sponsorships of community clubs and organizations, or hold local events to build relationships with target audience groups.

Another key partnership that can expand your network is to team up with another real estate agent in a different local market for sharing leads for second home or recreational home purchases.

Writing regular community columns for local magazines increases your relationships, too.

Email marketing campaign

Use email campaigns to encourage leads and update clients. There are some good email solutions for connecting with contacts.

Avoid letting emails become a heavy pitch. Ensure your messaging has real content, and send regularly to maintain engagement, so you come to mind when your contacts need you.

Experiential marketing

This can be expensive, but gives buyers a better feel for a neighbourhood’s personality. You can host free seminars for new home buyers, or walking tours. Additionally, clients may take pictures and post them.

Classic Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Promotional gifts increase awareness for new clients, but you need creative ideas to ensure your branded items will be used.

Many agents still use paper marketing materials like postcards. Business cards are also still a mainstay. Leaflets on the neighbourhood with infographics and charts generate interest, too.

Overwhelmed With Your Real Estate Business Marketing?

Always measure the performance of your marketing efforts so you can adjust your marketing plan as necessary.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, not confident in your marketing skills, or aren’t getting the results you are hoping for, Merged Media can help.

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