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Lead Generation Campaigns

Lead Magnet

Before you start asking complete strangers for their contact information, you’re going to need something to offer them in exchange: a Whitepaper.

A quality Whitepaper is:

  • Between 4 to 7 pages to ensure that the time-sensitive modern internet user can read it all the way through
  • Skimmable & “snackable”, highlighting the key points to guarantee that the core message is communicated clearly
  • Attractively assembled with graphic design elements to keep the reader engaged
    Not sales-focused, as the average tech-savvy social media user can absolutely differentiate between a soulless advertisement and an actual piece of useful, valuable information

Lead Capture Advertisements

Now that you have something to give away for free, dozens of dynamic advertisements travel from Facebook Page to Instagram Story and everywhere in between to discover exactly which advertising assets speak to your audience and convince them to part with their contact information in exchange for your Whitepaper.

Dynamic ads:

  • Pair each instance of ad copy that has been developed with every image advertisement, which is, in turn, paired with every headline, each in unique combinations
  • Utilize an in-app “Instant Form” that captures your lead data of choice (be it email, location, phone number, or more) directly in the social media app without any need to drag the social media user away to a unique landing page
  • Provide measurable data on cost per lead and click-through rates to keep your ad campaign lean and optimized

Lead Nurture Sequences

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With a complete stranger’s email address in your hands, it’s time to take that ice-cold first impression and slowly, strategically, and purposefully tell that social media stranger a storyboarded narrative over multiple emails to educate them on your brand and, ultimately, position you and your business as a known, liked, and trusted source.

An effective nurture sequence:

  • Is automated and scheduled to ensure that each follow-up email reaches the correct lead at the correct point in their journey
  • Utilizes tracking and “win-back” emails to circle back to leads that either skipped or avoided core steps in the sequence to avoid leads falling out of the funnel
  • Provides specific calls-to-action to offer strong social proof and evidence that supports the claim of your business or brand being the clear and obvious solution to their problem

Lead Conversion

If you’ve effectively and successfully taken the contact information from a total stranger on social media and dedicated a couple weeks worth of emails to teaching them all about yourself, your business, and your service offerings, the time has come to make the sale.

The conversion event must:

  • Be included late in the email nurture sequence after the lead has had the opportunity to thoroughly discover the brand messaging and, most importantly, how its service offerings solve a lead’s problem
  • Clearly and obviously present the call-to-action in a completely unambiguous and compelling manner such that no emailreader could misinterpret what is being asked of them
  • Be directly tied to the Return On Investment of the advertising campaign
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