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November 30, 2021

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Desi Bolin is the Founder & CEO of Virtually Sourced Solutions, an international SVA™ consultancy firm with pillars of integrity, quality, service, collaboration, and innovation, with over 70 specialties to assist all kinds of businesses. Mentioned in This Episode Hubspot (free CRM) Keap (paid CRM) Happy Neighbourhood Project (HNP) – 65 free networking events Desi’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram What you will learn: Desi’s story (2:53) What is a brand promoter? (5:32) Brand promotion vs affiliate marketing Do you need to niche? Creating a successful brand promoter program (9:15) Where do you find promoters? Approaching potential promoters (13:55) Providing incentive or rewarding promoters (15:44) Using a CRM Taking advantage of online networking Get in touch with Desi (26:30) Desi Mentality – Quotes From the Show “Who, in your network,…

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