October 6, 2020

036 | Maximize Customer Lifetime Value Through Your Own Loyalty Program – with Raj Dhiman

Raj Dhiman is an activist of the ‘hustle’. From tutoring to make ends meet after completing his PhD to running sales teams, the global pandemic has allowed his hustle to shine. With building an app to help customers find groceries and shopping local, hand-crafting furniture for friends, launching his “Small Business Hustle” newsletter, consulting for small businesses as a side gig while co-launching a mask vending machine company – Raj is the guy that hustles.

He started his sales career showing SMB’s how to build their own loyalty programs. In his day job, he helps small businesses partner with airlines to offer reward miles as a loyalty incentive. In his experience, he has seen first hand how small businesses can benefit through loyalty.

Raj is also the world’s (self-proclaimed) biggest dog lover and wants to own a farm so that he can adopt 100 dogs. He may need to choose between his dog farm and his future wife but for now we will focus on his love for loyalty.

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