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November 17, 2020

042 | How 1+1 Can Equal 3 – with Jennifer Jimbere

Today we have our very first return guest! Our guest today is Jennifer Jimbere, whom you may remember from episode 12.

As a recognized authority on change management, profitability and organizational turn around, she has served as an advisor to thousands of individuals and organizations around the world for more than 20 years. An entrepreneur, award winning coach and International Best Selling Co-Author, Jennifer is your partner in prosperity.  

A productivity and profitability coach to business leaders, ready to help you create your next business breakthrough to reach your next level.  Jennifer has a new book coming out, it’s called 1 + 1 Can Equal 3, Step into Possibility. 

We are looking forward to diving into some of the book with her today, which is a compilation of proven business growth best practices that she has learned and realized along her journey.

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