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053 | Email Marketing Made Easy – with Itay Paz

You’re listening to episode 53 today, featuring a return guest to the show; an incredible entrepreneur and marketing expert!

Itay Paz is a veteran in the digital and affiliate marketing space with over 25 years of experience. He is the founder & CEO of the Morning Dough, the online marketing newsletter, as well as the Digital and Affiliate Marketing International Expo (DMIEXPO).

For those that may have missed Itay’s last episode, which was 25 I believe, we discussed how to effectively pivot your business, something that he was able to successfully do when the COVID pandemic hit back in March of 2020. Today, we’ve invited him back to share with you the inner workings of email marketing!

Email marketing is one of the simplest ways to gain attention and new customers, but it’s often overlooked by individuals trying to make money online.

Everyone gets email on a daily basis, so email marketing helps reach people who are already in your target market.

The people who email you are looking for solutions, so email marketing gets results when done correctly.

Here are 7 ways to make email marketing easy… for everybody!

1) Set up an email account dedicated to email marketing

Having a separate email address allows you to keep track of all emails sent via email marketing software.

2) Decide how email fits into your long-term business plan

If email marketing is part of your overall business plan, think about email as an investment in time, energy and money. Make email fit with all other online activities.

3) Set up email automation rules

Automation helps you to stay on top of email marketing efforts. Set email automation rules based on email open rates, unique opens or clicks through to the site.

4) Customize email content for your audience

Customizing email content makes it clear where email links go and how interested customers can benefit from using your product or service. Ultimately, custom email content helps you convert leads to customers.

5) Start emailing

Start emailing as soon as possible. Create email templates and make sure they are mobile-friendly. Use email tools like MailChimp for easy email marketing software that anyone can use!

6) Track email results

Tracking email is easy with the reports available through email marketing software. Know what email works for your business and email templates that are most effective for email links to the site or blog posts.

7) Send out email marketing campaigns daily

Email should be sent out daily, but remember not everyone will open each email. Some days might see more opens than others, but continue emailing on a regular basis. For a great example, check out the daily newsletter ‘Morning Dough’.

Using email marketing software, emailing daily is simple. Just pick an email template and send an email! Want to email more often? No problem – set up email rules for email automation.

For more email marketing tips, check out episode 76 Goodbye Newsletter, Hello Audience – with Meera Kothand.

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