February 23, 2021

056 | Will We Ever Go To Another Tradeshow? – with Lisa Iafrate

Our guest today is Lisa Iafrate, CEO of TaLii Towels.

From the age of 7, Lisa collected pop/beer bottles and with the return money was able to purchase her first car at 18. The word entrepreneur was not even in the dictionary back then. At 52 years old, she’s a single mom trying to solve the huge problem of having big bulky towels to carry away for a weekend so the search began for a solution. In 2013, Lisa solved the problem by producing a product that was quick dry, super absorbent, antibacterial, lightweight and compact.

Like so many, her business began as a side hustle, selling her first 1000 pieces to family and friends. Completely sold out in 5 weeks she knew she had created something special. 8 years of True Grit and Hustle, 385 trade shows, 12 sizes and 25 colors later, TaLii Towels is now a successful e-commerce business!

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