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058 | Local Business Marketing That Works – with Dennis Yu

March 9, 2021

March 9, 2021

058 | Local Business Marketing That Works – with Dennis Yu

Looking to start a new business? In today’s episode, Dennis Yu reaches out to aspiring entrepreneurs and local business owners who want to learn the best ways to market their business and build client relations. 

Dennis Yu is the CEO of BlitzMetrics, a digital marketing company that partners with schools to train young adults. He is also Chief Technical Officer of ChiroRevenue, a digital marketing company that helps chiropractors with their online marketing efforts, connecting with clients and managing their content.  As an internationally recognized lecturer in Facebook Marketing, Dennis has spoken over 730 times in 17 countries, spanning 5 continents! Dennis’s personal mission centers around helping people from all walks of life grow their expertise in digital marketing, sharing his insights from managing campaigns for enterprise clients like The Golden State Warriors, Nike, and Rosetta Stone.


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What you will learn:

  • The dollar-a-day strategy (4:46)
    • Ranking in the local 3-pack
    • The value of Google My Business (GMB)
    • Building relationships to increase engagement
  • How to use Facebook and Google hand-in-hand (10:49)
    • Social – a content creation vehicle
    • 3 separate worlds – search, social, and messaging
  • Creating a GMB without having a website (21:01)
    • Content is what counts
  • Is Facebook the ideal platform for local small businesses? (28:23)
    • Content production > content distribution
  • Focusing on the niche to create trust (31:54)
  • Putting agencies under well-known industry representatives
  • Making sure ROI is clear


Dennis Mentality – Quotes From the Show

“If you’re serving businesses in your city, you need to be known in your city”

“You know what’s more important than networking? Delivering the result”

“What matters is making it so that the money they’re spending is an investment”

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