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065 | Serving Minority Entrepreneurs and Creating Generational Wealth – with Luis Baez


If you’re an under-represented entrepreneur who wants to get themselves out there, today’s episode will capture your attention. Our guest is Luis Baez, a business strategist and sales trainer who’s particularly dedicated to empowering under-represented entrepreneurs through training and coaching. Luis lives in Northern California and loves to cook and (tries) to garden (any gardeners listening, hit up Luis for tips and tricks!).

Luis serves entrepreneurs, service providers, and course creators, teaching online business owners how to scale their revenues and make an impact by creating and selling high-end offers, including coaching, masterminds, and memberships. With over 14 years of experience in sales and marketing for companies like LinkedIn, Google, Uber, and Tesla, Luis brings a breadth of knowledge and experience spanning across digital advertising, SAAS (Software-as-a-Service), and sustainability, with a revenue impact of over $500 million to date! 


Mentioned in This Episode

  • Connect with Luis Baez via his website
  • Find out what’s keeping your energy hostage with Luis’ client, Coach Shanita 


What you will learn:

  • Getting out there as a minority entrepreneur – easier said than done? (4:16)
    • What keeps people from getting started? 
  • Taking risks, reaching out, and grabbing hold of opportunities as an under-represented entrepreneur (7:44)
    • Considering the role of minority groups in your business 
    • Making attainable, measurable goals 
  • Luis’ experience working for companies as an under-represented individual, and how he shifted from that (10:57)
    • A promise unfulfilled
    • Luis’ reaction to the situation
  • What to expect from working with Luis (16:14)
    • Creating and distributing intellectual property
    • The Business Order of Operations (BOO)
  • A client example of a revenue-first paradigm (23:06)
  • The process of delivering what you promise


Luis Mentality – Quotes From the Show 

“The resources are available, the examples are there, you just have to have that willingness to put yourself out there”

“There is someone less qualified than you that is getting your piece of the pie simply because they dared to show up”

“I help them see the value in themselves that they didn’t see before”

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