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April 30, 2021

066 | Google: Core Web Vitals and What You Need To Know – with Merged Media

In today’s episode of the Merged Marketing Podcast, David Louch and co-host, Jason Hunt, are going over Google’s core web vitals update, which takes effect in May 2021. They will be sitting down with Merged Media’s very own SEO sorcerer, Todd Foster, to get all the need-to-know info! This is definitely a relative topic for anyone out there owning a website because your website will be affected by the changes that will be taking place.


What you will learn:

  • What are Google core web vitals and what do they mean? (2:10)
    • Optimizing user experience
    • Offering value to the user
  • Are some updates more significant than others? (5:19)
  • Identifying pages that have met the page experience criteria (7:05)
    • Most websites won’t pass
  • What will happen to my website if I ignore the update? (8:35)
    • A slow death to traffic
  • A great experience for users (9:29)
  • Creates safe browsing
  • Faster experience on any network


Merged Mentality – Quotes From the Show

“If you’re not staying proactive with this stuff, you’re always going to be at the bottom of the pile”


“Most websites are not going to currently qualify for this indicator”


“The faster your website loads, the more leads you’re going to get”

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