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May 14, 2021

070 | Instagram SEO: 5 Simple Ways to Rank Higher in 2021

If you haven’t gotten on board with Instagram SEO yet, now is the time! Today on the Merged Marketing Podcast, Jason and David share their knowledge about keywords, captions, shadow-banned hashtags, and more. They’re going to share 5 simple ways that you can rank higher on Instagram this year.


What you will learn:

  • Optimize your profile for search (1:36) 
  • Using hashtags as your keywords (3:33)
  • Post consistently to boost visibility (6:41)
  • Write descriptive captions (9:27)
  • Use secondary keywords in your post (11:20)


Merged Mentality – Quotes From the Show

“You might think SEO and Instagram are two different things; they’re actually one and the same”

“What do you want your followers to do?”

“(It’s) all about testing and what works for you

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