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June 1, 2021

075 | How to Become an Influencer & Pick a Niche – with Irene Iancu

Our guest today is Irene Iancu, owner of Toothlife Studio in Toronto, ON, a multi-disciplinary dental studio and fully equipped dental office designed for patient comfort. Irene is a prime example of a great influencer who’s excelling in her niche.

Since graduating with a diploma in dental hygiene from Oxford College in 2007, Irene has expanded her scope of practice, utilizing the latest technology in the industry. Irene is also a podcast host and a writer, and has a healthy social media following of like-minded dental professionals. 

Her career path has been unconventional, but her goals are simple; cultivate a positive environment for team members, put together a stress-free and welcoming space for patients, and create a fun and engaging first experience for those tiny humans who are always welcome as new patients.


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What you will learn:

  • What is a dental studio? (3:05)
    • The art of dentistry
    • Behaviours that attract followers (5:55) 
    • Creating a community 
  • From a retail brand to a dental studio (9:56)
  • 3 tips to attract new patients (12:38)
  • Where did all the patients come from? (19:39)
    • Becoming part of the business community
    • Asking for patients
  • How to decide on a niche (28:30)
  • Keep it natural


Iancu Mentality – Quotes From the Show


“I consider dentistry to be an art form”

“As a startup, you need feedback”

“Everyone likes to buy, nobody likes to be sold”

“Nothing goes without a struggle”

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