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June 22, 2021

079 | The Future is Female – with Mark Grainger

Our guest today is Mark Grainger, co-founder of BigImpactHQ, which provides more income, impact, & influence for female experts who love to speak.

Their “Speak Your Path to Cash” system has helped their clients generate over $51 million in revenue for their own businesses while also being asked to speak on some of the world’s most coveted stages including Tony Robbins, Good Morning America, TEDx and “The View”. Today’s enlightening episode is packed with value for women and men alike as Mark goes into why exactly he believes that the future is female.


Mentioned in This Episode



What you will learn:

  • A man empowering women (1:41) 
  • A male task and a female task – is there a divide? (8:09)
    • The male brain vs the female brain
  • The future is female (12:11)
    • A new world order
  • The masculine-feminine dynamic in practice (19:25)
    • Marriage is hard. Life is messy.
  • A collaboration model of equality (21:10)
    • The coach or the trash can
  • Empowering your women (28:24)
  • A world of female leaders


Mark Mentality – Quotes From the Show


“When you oppress a population, down the road they’re going to have a voice”


“People don’t trust the guru on the mountain – they’re looking for a guide by your side”


“One of men’s north stars is to make their women happy”


“The world is looking for women leaders – it NEEDS women leaders”

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