July 6, 2021

081 | Why You Need Your Book Written – with Mike Ulmer

If you’re aspiring to write your book, this episode is definitely for you. Mike Ulmer is a writer who worked for the Woodstock Sentinel-Review, The Hamilton Spectator, The Hockey News, and more for a total of 25 years, including 7 years as a sports columnist. He’s also the author of 15 books! 

Mike is a founder of Catapult, a company that strives to help you write your own book, just like Mike is doing for Jay! You may not believe there’s a story to be written about you, but we think you’ll change your mind after today’s episode.


Mentioned in This Episode



What you will learn:

  • Mike’s book writing history (1:46)
    • M is for Maple
    • Finding a hook
  • Getting the story (9:30)
    • Trust is everything
  • Is there a story out there for everyone? (16:20)
    • Your story is the vehicle to your conclusions
    • The value of passion
  • Benefits of having your own book (19:33)
    • A story to tell for the rest of your life
    • The best seller myth
  • Get in touch with Mike (28:17)

Mike Mentality – Quotes From the Show 


“If you wrote the book you thought you were going to write, you wrote the wrong book”

“We all think our lives are just like everybody else’s lives”

“The book isn’t the story. The book is the conclusion”

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