July 13, 2021

082 | Lead Gen Tactics That Work – with Henry Whitfield

Henry Whitfield is the Head of International Business Development for ClickDealer, where he also heads their lead generation team as they tackle the North American market.

ClickDealer is a global affiliate marketing agency that makes performance marketing accessible, convenient, and human.


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What you will learn:

  • Henry’s story (1:50)
  • Lead gen tactics (5:06)
    • Getting online
  • How to stand out from the noise (10:12)
    • Quality is key
  • Trendy social media (13:25)
    • Let’s talk Tiktok
  • Generating quality leads in 2021 (20:16)
  • Making time for lead generation (23:18)
    • Scope out the competition
    • Patience is a virtue
    • Where’s your money going?
  • Get in touch with Henry (32:25)

Not everyone has an in-house marketing team to generate leads for their business. Digital marketing is a great way to achieve that and still keep costs low.

There are several ways in which you can use digital marketing to drive traffic and generate leads:

1) Blog posts: A blog, if created with the right content, can become your lead magnet as well as a valuable resource for those who come to read it.

2) Content marketing: If you do not already create valuable and compelling content around your product or services, now is the time to start. Create valuable how-to guides, infographics and other industry-related blog posts and share them with your audience.

3) Paid ads: You can use paid ads such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your blog posts and landing pages, which in turn generate leads for you. It’s a great way of reaching out to new audiences if done right.

4) Social media outreach: Using tools like Buzzsumo, you can research on the best performing content around your industry. Rewrite it to suit your style and share it across your social networks with links back to your own post.

Utilizing one or all of these tactics will result in more website visitors who are interested in what you have to offer. You just need to make sure that the traffic you are driving is well qualified in order to avoid wasting money on ad spending.

Henry Mentality – Quotes From the Show


“If you’re not doing lead generation in 2021, you’re really falling behind your competitor”

“Give them the value right away once you capture them as a lead”

“Not all ads work on every platform”

“Before you spend anything, you have to do your research” 

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