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August 3, 2021

085 | Sales Automation: How To Automate While Staying Human – with Martin Adey

Sales Automation: How to Automate While Staying Human – With Martin Adey

Marty is the founder of Leadosaurus, a B2B lead gen startup that tastefully combines automation and human touch. Today we’re here to talk about sales automation, how to automate while staying human.

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What you will learn: 


  • Marty’s journey (1:41)
  • Generating leads (5:21)
    • Software to use
  • Automations you need to take a hold of (10:29)
    • The low-hanging fruit 
  • Big automation mistakes businesses are making (14:49)
  • How often do you have to tweak automations? (16:49)
    • Keeping records
  • What about outbound sales? (18:44)
    • Cold-calling 
  • Get in touch with Marty (25:58)


Martin Mentality – Quotes From the Show 

“Automating everything is not going to help you”

“Never automate a process you haven’t done manually”

“Whatever you do, keep a log of it”

“Only do things once”

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