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August 10, 2021

086 | Working Remotely and the Impact on Mental Health – with Jackie LeBeau


The stress, anxiety, and loneliness of lockdowns have touched us all. Today, Jackie is here to discuss how working remotely impacts our mental health and some things we can do to take care of ourselves and the people around us.

Jackie is a registered psychotherapist, certified clinical trauma specialist, owner of Evolve Counselling Services, and consultant for Halton’s Women Centre, where she organizes and leads their group therapy programs. Their clinics work in all areas of mental health including anxiety, depression, anger management, addiction, eating disorders, LGBTQ+ community and they work to heal past or current traumas to aid in mental health support and healing.

Mentioned in This Episode


What you will learn:

  • Jackie’s story (1:30)
  • The new normal: negative impacts on mental health (3:46)
    • The impact on women
  • How are parents dealing with it? (6:51)
  • Helping your employees get through (8:40)
    • Enforcing transition times
  • How to disconnect from the job (13:08)
    • Structuring your time
    • Juggling with glass balls and plastic balls
  • How to overcome loneliness (18:10)
    • Being alone vs feeling lonely
  • Get in touch with Jackie (22:52)

Jackie Mentality – Quotes From the Show 

“The lines have become blurred between work life and home life”

“We’ve conditioned ourselves to lose our social skills”

“If it’s causing you to feel something negative, your boundaries are too loose or possibly too rigid”

“We’re all still in this together”

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