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September 14, 2021

091 | Surf’s Up: How a Surf Retreat Rebounded From a Pandemic – With Tyler Trafas

Today’s guest is Tyler Trafas, a long-time buddy of Jay’s from his days in Japan. He is a world traveler, author of the book Tropical Depression, and founder of One Wave Surf. One Wave Surf offers advanced coaching, surf guides, adventure travel, and surf-oriented Yoga instruction.

On top of some chats about ‘the good old days’, the two friends dive into how One Wave Surf was able to rebound off of the pandemic, as well as how to maintain a positive brand identity and reputation for your business.

Mentioned in This Episode

What you will learn:

  • Tyler’s story (1:14)
  • OneWave surf in March 2020 (4:10)
  • Working through COVID
  • What services does One Wave offer? (7:00)
  • Focusing on a local audience (8:37)
  • Marketing to tourists vs locals
  • Developing a good online reputation (12:00)
  • Getting clients to leave a review (15:42)
  • Reflection time
  • Paid advertising (19:44)
  • Helpful or hurtful?
  • Get in touch with Tyler (24:09)

Tyler Mentality – Quotes From the Show

“Our business benefits from the stoke factor”

“We were only shut down for 11 weeks”

“I can be selective on where I market”

“I’m just paying Google the minimum on ads”

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