October 12, 2021

095 | How to Go from Stuck to Fulfilled – With Carolyn Rusin

Carolyn is a former Vice Principal, now Professional Life Coach! She found her path and changed her story. She now helps women go from stuck and overwhelmed to happy and fulfilled.

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What you will learn:

  • Carolyn’s story (1:17)
  • What’s making entrepreneurs and business people feel stuck in 2021? (6:26)
  • The struggle of the work-life balance
  • Overcoming challenges (9:25)
  • Identifying negative patterns (11:17)
  • 6 basic human needs
  • How do you get unstuck? (22:00)
  • Timeline Therapy
  • 3 ways you can control your mood (25:05)
  • Physiology, language, meaning
  • Get in touch with Carolyn (28:48)

Entrepreneurship is hard; entrepreneurship is stressful; entrepreneurship is emotionally taxing. It’s easy to get attached to the outcome of your work and business plans, but maintaining control over your emotions takes practice. This article will explain how you can start practicing today in order to more effectively handle the stressors that accompany entrepreneurship .

This doesn’t mean entrepreneurship has to be emotionally draining. Learning to manage your emotions as an entrepreneur can make entrepreneurship easier and less stressful.

Here are four tips to controlling how you feel as an entrepreneur:

1. Keep things in perspective

– entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be all or nothing, black or white; entrepreneurship is really about the journey rather than the destination . It’s important to be flexible, and it’s important that you not over-commit yourself.

2. Be realistic

– entrepreneurship is about taking calculated risks; entrepreneurship requires a level of realism . If you’re too unrealistic, entrepreneurship can quickly become frustrating and distressing (even with your best efforts).

3. Practice self care

– entrepreneurship is an excellent opportunity to quickly absorb new skills, but entrepreneurship will be easier when you take care of yourself. Self-care is essential for entrepreneurship , and entrepreneurship requires balance in order to thrive .

4. Be with what you’re doing

– entrepreneurship can often feel hectic, but it’s important that entrepreneurship only rarely feels chaotic . It’s important to maintain control over entrepreneurship rather than have entrepreneurship control you. If entrepreneurship feels out of control, entrepreneurship can quickly become distressing (and it’s more difficult to recover).

If entrepreneurship is inevitable, then why not thrive as an entrepreneur? Maintaining your perspective and developing thoughtful practices are the best ways to start controlling how entrepreneurship affects you.

Successful entrepreneurship is more about perspective than it is about perspiration.

Carolyn Mentality – Quotes From the Show

“Sometimes people don’t even recognize where they’re at”

“We all need to feel important”

“Everyone can control their mood”

“We all need to know that there are things we can count on”

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