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096 | How to Harness the Power of the Moon to Achieve Your Goals – With Kady Romagnuolo

Kady is a spiritual business coach, best-selling author, and international speaker. She helps entrepreneurs turn their passion project into a full-time sustainable career using the power of the moon.

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What you will learn:

  • Kady’s journey (1:05)
  • The 4 principles to success (8:13)
    • New moon phase
    • First quarter moon phase
    • Full moon phase
    • Third quarter moon phase
  • Connecting the moon phases to astrology (20:53)
  • Get in touch with Kady (25:01)

Kady Mentality – Quotes From the Show

“The second step is all about planting seeds”

“It can’t be all about action”

“Give yourself permission to change”

As a business owner, it’s important to be attuned to the natural forces that can influence your success. One of the most powerful of these is the moon.

The moon governs the tides, which means it has a direct impact on our emotions and energy levels. By harnessing the power of the moon, you can supercharge your business goals.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Pay attention to the lunar cycles. There are four main phases of the moon: new, waxing, full, and waning. Each phase has a different energy associated with it.

2. Set your intention during the new moon phase. This is a time of new beginnings, so it’s the perfect time to set your business goals. Write them down and visualize yourself achieving them.

3. Take action during the waxing phase. This is when the moon is growing, so it’s a good time to take action towards your goals. This is when you’ll see things start to come together.

4. Reflect during the full moon phase. This is a time of culmination, so it’s a good time to reflect on your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your plan.

5. Release during the waning phase. This is when the moon is shrinking, so it’s a good time to let go of anything that’s no longer serving you. This includes old business goals that you’ve outgrown.

By following these steps, you can harness the power of the moon to achieve your business goals. Pay attention to the cycles and work with the energy instead of against it. soon you’ll see your business booming like never before!

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