January 4, 2022

107 | How To Know What Your Target Audience Cares About – With Josh Dittmer

Josh Dittmer is the Marketing Director at The Valuegraphics Project, an organization devoted to changing the world by changing the way we look at the world.

Mentioned in this episode:

What you will learn:

  • Josh’s journey (1:57)
  • The Valuegraphics Project (2:55)
  • Not just a number
  • Collecting data on the audience (7:37)
  • Putting data to use
  • Using data to predict what people will do next (14:40)
  • (Bonus: Japan talk)
  • Target audience of the Valuegraphics Project (21:17)
  • Get in touch with Josh (22:33)

Josh Mentality – Quotes From the Show:

“We look at what people care about, and we give them those things”

“Our values decide everything that we do”

“There’s 56 things that drive every single human being”

“Everywhere in the world we see the ‘togetherness’ values – family, community, friendship, relationships, and belonging”

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