January 25, 2022

110 | How to Consistently Attract More Money – With Jodielynn Craven

110 | How to Consistently Attract More Money – With Jodielynn Craven

For a decade, Jodielynn Craven has served in the role of a financial advisor, financial educator, and creator of Abundance Consciousness ™ and the Fluid Money BluePrint ™ . With approximately 10 million under management and managing a team of financial advisors, Jodielynn has advanced knowledge, experience, and expertise in modern financial structures and alternatively the mindset and energy behind money.

Her work in the energetics behind money, application of alternative money modalities and her signature process Fluid Money BluePrint ™ (a step by step guide for entrepreneurs who want to learn How To Consistently Attract Money) has brought her into the spotlight among clients all over the globe.

Mentioned in This Episode:

What You Will Learn:

  • Jodielynn’s story (2:29)
  • Are you deterring money? (6:47)
  • Attracting more money (11:14)
  • What does your day look like?
  • Using a list properly (16:25)
  • The Fluid Money Blueprint (20:24)
    • Phase 1 – Unearthing negative belief systems
    • Phase 2 – The CAST method
    • Phase 3 – Becoming magnetic
  • How Jodielynn markets herself (24:26)
  • Marketing through teaching
  • Get in touch with Jodielynn (27:04)

Jodielynn Mentality – Quotes From the Show

“It usually has nothing to do with money itself”

“The things on my list that I prioritise are the things of highest joy”

“You attract who you are in this moment”

“Money can come from a billion different possibilities”

“Everything always works out for me, and it always works out for the better”

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