March 8, 2022

116 | 7 Strategies For High-Quality Leads – With Shiv Gupta

At just 17, Shiv started his journey to the digital marketing world. For the initial three years, he worked as a freelancer and performed his own research-based projects and grabbed deep knowledge of the industry. He later, gained technical skills and market knowledge. He later started a digital marketing agency to serve people at a larger level and be a guide to his own team. It was then that he founded Incrementors.

Mentioned in This Episode:

What you will learn:

Shiv’s journey (1:45)

Lead generation vs demand generation (3:46)

7 strategies for high-quality leads

  1. Providing value (6:26)
  2. Content marketing strategy (8:32)
  3. Legitimizing your brand (10:28)
  4. Virtual events and webinars (13:47)
  5. Social media strategy (16:45)
  6. Leveraging ads and case studies (19:07)
  7. Develop the customer journey and buyer personas (22:24)

Get in touch with Shiv (25:03)

Shiv Mentality – Quotes From the Show

“Offer things of REAL value”

“There should be at least 7 touchpoints before your ideal customer makes a purchase”

“Always focus on your customer’s need”

“People buy from you when they like you, and people like you when they know you”

“Demand generation is not about doing different things, it’s about doing things differently”

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