May 10, 2022

125 | Sales Prospecting Mastery – With Mark Colgan

Mark Colgan is a Techstars 18′ Alumni, 6-figure agency owner, B2B SaaS growth marketer, sales coach, MarTech geek and startup mentor.

Mentioned in This Episode

What you will learn:

  • Mark’s story (3:01)
  • Sales prospecting platforms
  • Using prospecting tools as a small business (5:11)
  • Successful sales prospecting strategies (7:31)
  • Learn from your customers
  • How to gather data (9:36)
  • Writing a valuable piece of content
  • Networking via LinkedIn
  • Establishing the pain points (17:09)
  • The future of outbound marketing (19:44)
  • How to stay on top of the game
  • Mark’s business strategy (23:56)
  • Get in touch with Mark (25:16)

Mark Mentality – Quotes From the Show

“Have a conversation with somebody”

“A multichannel approach is key with outbound marketing”

“A relevant message still trumps everyone else”

“You can’t sell car insurance to someone who doesn’t own a car”

“The moment I stop selling is when I sell more”

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