June 7, 2022

129 | Susan Drumm – What’s Your Path To Enlightened Leadership?

What kind of a leader are you? How are you leading your team? and most importantly how do you manage your emotions towards your subordinates at work? well, in this episode we are privileged to host a leadership advisor, coach, and CEO Susan Drumm. She shares with us effective ways to run a team for maximum production. She focuses on developing the capacity and mindsets to lead in today’s disruptive environment. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as she has personally coached billionaire CEOs, prominent Fortune 50 executive teams, and incredible entrepreneurs that set out to disrupt the marketplace. Please welcome Susan Drumm.


  • What You Will Learn

Susan Drumm’s background (2:40)

Susan Drumm’s opinion on what enlightened leadership is (5:48)

Building emotional intelligence.

Effective ways that leaders use to show emotions towards their juniors (8:44)

The power of music in dealing with emotions (11:03)

Challenges that business leaders are currently facing (17:10)

Building on connectivity

Ways in which good leadership attracts effective talent to the business (23:00)

How Susan Drumm is marketing herself (25:11)

Get in touch with Susan Drumm (26:00)

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