June 30, 2022

132 | Lewis Rothkopf – Why Does the Right Measurement Matter?

Why Does the Right Measurement Matter? My next guest has more than 20 years of experience in digital media.  Having led global businesses and revenue lines at the world’s foremost marketing, ad tech, and media companies, He joined Martin in 2019 as its president. In this episode, we dive deep into the technicalities of digital marketing. We talk at length about ad frequency, and why it’s important to diversify your marketing. We will learn how, when, and where to inject your ad budget for effective results. Please welcome Lewis Rothkopf.

Key Timecodes

Lewis Rothkopf background (1:45)

Digital media changing trends  (2:25)

Consumer privacy laws (4:22)

Modern Measurement attributions (7:00)

Martin’s technology (8:40)

Latest popular beneficial marketing platforms (12:45)

Modern marketing trends (17:00)

Know how to hit consumers (19:00)

Ways of reaching your audience (20:20)

Martin AI and who it is built for (22:41)

Get in touch with Lewis (25:33)

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