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133 | Liz Wilcox – List Building Done Right: How to Get the Right Folks on Your List

Are you struggling with email marketing and list building? Are you wondering what approach to take? Well, you are in luck as in this episode we speak to the Fresh Princess of Email Marketing, She is on a freakin’ mission to help more businesses package up their magic and sell through email. Please welcome Liz Wilcox

Missed Liz’s first episode? find it here

Get in touch with Liz Wilcox 

Key Timecodes

Who Liz Wilcox is and what she does. (2:24)

What Email lead list generation is all about(3:40)

The importance of the quality of the list.

What some marketers are doing wrong? (6:37)

Make money with email.

High converting Lead magnetics(9:15) 

Consideration level of awareness to a lead magnet list (12:36)

Best sources of traffic of generating lead magnet list(15:20) 

Importance of branding (17:54)

Make the lead magnet your own(Brand Consistency)

The ideal actual landing page(21:09)

The future of email (24:03)

Get in Touch with Liz Wilcox (28:30)



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