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July 19, 2022

135 | Shelby Dash and Christina Clifford – How to use comedy to drive brand awareness

You only get one chance to make that first connection, and adding some content to that content mix really can make that connection count. You want to strike an emotion. You want to get your prospect to laugh. You want to leave that lasting impression at the top of the funnel, because really, all those efforts you’re making down the funnel, whether it’s an email nurture sequence or those retargeting ads, really are all going to complement that initial piece of content that you put out there.  Without further ado, please welcome  Shelby and Christina.

Key Timecodes

  • How Shelby Dash and Christina Clifford started(2:50)
  • How Shelby Dash and Christina Clifford got connected(5:10)
  • Particular industries that use comedy to drive brand awareness(7:30)
  • The perfect commercial process(8:45)
  • How to brainstorm video ads(12:45)
  • The production hacks(15:08)
  • The best platform to publish content(19:41)
  • Tiktok effect(21:19)
  • How to create successful campaigns(22:34)
  • Get in touch with Shelby Dash and Christina Clifford(25:27)

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