August 2, 2022

139 | How to Create Category Leading Podcasts with Prarthana Sibal

Are you thinking of starting your own podcast and you don’t know where and how to start? Do you already have a podcast and you are struggling to find suitable guests to help your show grow? well in this episode, we discuss ways and tricks of how you can get the audience to your show by maintaining consistency. We host the Head of Client Services at award-winning B2B Podcast Agency Pikkal & Co. She has managed over 1,000 Podcast Episodes from idea to launch. Please welcome Prarthana Sibal.

Key Timecodes

  • Prarthana Sibal Marketing Background (1:53)
  • Businesses that Prarthana Sibal works with(3:13 )
  • How to start a podcast(4:10)
  • Understanding the purpose of a podcast(6:01)
  • Getting Leads from your Podcast(7:59) 
  • The importance of Transcription to your podcast(9:50)
  • Challenges facing podcasters or aspiring podcasters(10:31)
  • Why you should not give up on your podcast(13:10)
  • Tips on how to remain consistent(15:12)
  • Tricks on how to create a category-leading podcast(18:30)
  • Is SEO important? (22:52)
  • Get in Touch with Prarthana Sibal(24:40)

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