August 4, 2022

140 |  How To Create Customer Generating Quizzes with Ellen Koronet

When it comes to marketing and lead generation, you can actually engage any brand heart to heart only if you asked the right questions. In this episode, you will learn how to get and convert your right leads into actual customers/clients through quizzes. We speak to an Applied Anthropologist, who designs quizzes and assessments that bypass habitual thinking, and explain and predict behavior while broadcasting compelling brand brilliance, leaving prospects with a compelling call to action. Please welcome Ellen Koronet.

Key Timecodes

  • Ellen Koronet’s marketing journey(1:59)
  • The engagement in quizzes in 2022(3:03)
  • How to lead a potential customer to selecting your product or service(4:22)
  • The process of coming up with right questions(5:38)
  • Generating traffic to the quiz on the website(7:23)
  • How to entice leads to take the quiz(9:10)
  • The perfect amount of questions that should be asked(10:39)
  • How to embed the quizes(14:05)
  • Coming up with questions for a specific Niche(15:30)
  • The right questions will get you the right leads(16:50)
  • What next after taking the quiz? The call to action(20:20)
  • Industries that work better with quizzes(21:32)
  • Get in touch with Ellen Koronet(23:02)


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