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141 | Turning Buyers into Repeat Customers and Brand Advocates with Ed Frame

In this episode, we’re turning buyers into repeat customers and brand advocates. And my guest on today’s show is Ed Frame. Ed is the founder of Accessories Exemplify, all the way from Melbourne, Australia. He designed to exemplify to help businesses work with customers that truly appreciate them. They focus on getting qualified leads that turn them into long-term satisfied customers. Now, today I’m pretty confident we are going to reframe the conversation here and talk about the way that you are not just generating leads and not just closing sales, but what are you doing in your post-sales process to get that repeat customer and to get that or create that brand advocate? We talked about several of the tactics that Ed uses as well as the ones that we use at merged Media to get repeat clients spending more and using more of our services, which allows us in turn, a chance to provide more value to our clients. I’m sure you’re going to love this episode with Ed Frame.

Key Timecodes

  • Ed Frame Background(1:55)
  • The offense and defense mechanism(3:57)
  • Best practices for driving the conversion into your funnel(5:17)
  • How to continue long-term relationships with your lead(8:27)
  • Best platform to get leads(11:09)
  • Make your customer become a repeat customer(15:16)
  • Entice your customer to become a brand advocate (21:39)
  • Get in touch with Ed Frame (23:39)

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