August 11, 2022

142 | What high-achievers get wrong about career success with Brooke Taylor

What do high achievers get wrong about career success? My guest on today’s episode is a career coach for conscious female leaders and a former Googler. Her transformational Group Coaching programs and workshops at companies like Google, Uber, and McKinsley have changed the lives of over 30 women globally. We’re going to dissect topics such as the success wound. We’re going to uncover what the success wound is and why it is critical to healing at the individual, organizational, societal, and global levels. We’re also going to talk about the career achievement trap, the unspoken myths high achievers buy into about career success and fulfillment that keeps them trapped. Please welcome Brooke Taylor.

Key Timecodes

  • Brooke Taylor background(2:27)
  • The success wound(8:10)
  • The drive to be successful(10:06)
  • What high achievers get wrong(12:18)
  • The difference between Hustling and Grinding(15:23)
  • What is fulfillment?(17:23) 
  • The Fulfillment metrics(19:42)
  • How Brooke Taylor is marketing her business(24:04)
  • Get in touch with Brooke Taylor(24:55)



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