August 16, 2022

143 | How To Close More Leads Through Email with Luke Charlton

How To Close More Leads Through Email with Luke Charlton

How To Close More Leads Through Email with Luke Charlton

How can you close more leads through email? My guest on today’s episode is a client attraction specialist who works exclusively with coaches. He’s helped over 10 coaches grow their businesses with paid ads and email marketing spanning 70 plus niches. He has a great resume as he has worked with a ton of well-known names in the advertising industry. He’s got a very interesting strategy for nurturing that email list that you have and how to keep yourself not just top of mind, but position yourself as a well-known and trusted source not just in the niche that you’re in, but also on a personal level as well. He breaks in and shares his entire strategy on how he nurtures his email list and gets them to close more frequently. Without further ado, let’s welcome Luke Charlton.

Key Timecodes

  • Luke Charlton’s journey(2:10)
  • How to determine a benchmark for a successful conversion rate(5:20)
  • The best method of getting your leads through the funnel(8:18)
  • The email strategy, headline, and lessons(15:40)
  • The email frequency sequence(23:01)
  • Get in touch with Luke Charlton(24:57)


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