August 18, 2022

144 | How To Plan For An In-Person Conference with Cristina Cernei

How To Plan For An In-Person Conference

How To Plan For An In-Person Conference with Cristina Cernei

There’s been such a lull in traveling and having that face-to-face networking that it’s a void that definitely needs to be filled. There is a  huge appreciation for these in-person conferences and events. You just can’t get on that same level with somebody through a Zoom call or through a Google meet. There are experiences that happen at trade shows, at events, dinners, drinks, all that sort of stuff that happens and the memories that are made. In this episode, we’re going to dive into in-person conference networking and some of the things that you need to do to prepare yourself for that upcoming conference. AWSummit has a Trade show coming up at the end of August, which is taking place in Bucharest, Romania and this event makes this episode very informative and engaging. We speak to an event manager at AWSummit. Please welcome Cernei Cristina.

Key Timecodes

  • Cristina Cernei Journey to becoming an event Manager(2:55)
  • Post the Covid -19 pandemic strategy(5:54)
  • How to properly plan for you to make the most out of the event experience(7:03)
  • Why it’s important to get good speakers and entertainment for an event(8:22)
  • The importance of having different speakers from different industries(9:06)
  • How to choose the speakers and topics for an event(10:31)
  • How can a vendor or a sponsor get the most out of an event experience?(11:14)
  • The new ideas on how to connect at a summit(12:04)
  • Where attendees go wrong in a conference(14:17)
  • Best ways that AWSummit are marketing their events(17:57)
  • Get in touch with Cristina Cernei (18:59)

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