August 23, 2022

145 | How To Reach Your Goals By Using The Power Of The Mind with Rosetta Qadhi

How To Reach Your Goals By Using The Power Of The Mind

How To Reach Your Goals By Using The Power Of The Mind with Rosetta Qadhi

In this episode, we’re talking about how to reach your goals by using the power of the mind. My guest on today’s episode is the CEO of the Thinking Grow Rich Caribbean Institute, a company called Life redesigned CFO of Q Solutions company real estate investor, clinical Hypnotherapist NLP, master practitioner, show host, author, and motivational speaker. She’s a self-made businesswoman who defied the odds growing up, taking it upon herself to change her circumstances through the power of visualization. We’re going to talk about the blueprint that she created for herself to manifest those dreams that she was able to achieve. This episode is geared towards entrepreneurs and small business owners, but it is also geared towards anybody that has dreams that they want to manifest and they want to attain and achieve. Without further ado, let’s welcome Rosetta Qadhi.

Key Time Codes

  • Rosetta Qadhi’s Background(1:45)
  • The Think and Grow Rich Book Influence(5:10)
  • Always be consistent(10:00)
  • Always have a blueprint in mind(11:34)
  • Micro actions make you achieve big goals(13:43)
  • Know where to focus your attention(16:42)
  • Why giving back to the community is crucial(19:05)
  • The Best Marketing Strategy(21:27)
  • Rosetta Qadhi’s Contact(25:45)

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