October 11, 2022

152 | How companies can differentiate themselves in a crowded field with Alannah Della Vedova

How can companies differentiate themselves in a crowded field?

How companies can differentiate themselves in a crowded field with Alannah Della Vedova

How can companies differentiate themselves in a crowded field? My guest on today’s episode is Alannah Della. Alannah is the brand director of FanDuel. If you’re not familiar with FanDuel, there’s a good chance you’re probably not a sports watcher. Every single Sunday, as I watch football, I am inundated with content in the form of commercials from FanDuel.
It’s all over my social media. It’s all over the web pages that I’m browsing. They’re doing a very good job marketing themselves, and they are in a very crowded market, specifically in the area we live in, which is Ontario, where the regulations have changed quite drastically in the gambling and casino area over the last year or so. But Atlanta is going to be an excellent guest to talk about this topic. Alana is an award-winning marketing strategist with ten years of experience leading breakthrough creative campaigns leveraging storytelling, and she has built compelling brand connections that drive commercial results.
Alannah Della currently holds the position of director of content and brand of FanDuel, where she leads content and brand execution against FanDuel’s multiyear TSN partnership and campaign development with their very other teams and league partnerships. Without further ado, let’s kick it to my chat with Alannah Della.

Key Timecodes

  • What is Fanduel ? What does it do?(1:58)
  • How Alannah Della became a brand director(2:56)
  • Fanduel’s competitive advantage(3:38)
  • What does a brand director do?(4:35)
  • The difference between Canadian and the USA audience(5:41)
  • What is an inducement? (6:41)
  • How Fanduel is differentiating itself from the competition in the market(7:15)
  • How do the big brands help your small business scale?(9:12)
  • The influencers’ strategy(11:08)
  • Tips on scaling your business(12:40)
  • Why you should consider hiring a brand director(15:02)
  • The most effective marketing channels( 17:51)
  • Which paid ads are a success?(20:07)
  • Get in touch with Alannah Della(21:12)

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