October 25, 2022

154 | How To Connect Your Marketing to Revenue – Steffen Hedebrandt

How To Connect Your Marketing to Revenue

How To Connect Your Marketing to Revenue

How To Connect Your Marketing to Revenue.

Is your marketing plan working for you? is it helping you scale your business and growth? If these questions linger, then this episode is yours. When examining your marketing plan, You need to look at and explore that entire customer journey from that initial touchpoint to the point of sale. And that initial touchpoint could be an organic Facebook post, a billboard, an email, or a conversation.

It’s essential to leave a digital trace in your marketing campaign. This way, you can get crucial data on where your traffic is emerging from.

To help us dive deep into this topic, we host the co-founder and chief marketing officer at Dream Data. He has an exceptional growth mindset, is data-driven by heart, and loves all parts of scaling businesses. Now, when we start talking about connecting your marketing to revenue, a lot of marketers and business owners need help understanding what that means proper attribution a lot of marketers. Please welcome Steffen Hedebrandt.

Key Timestamps

  • (1:58) Background story
  • (4:48) The journey to marketing
  • (5:35) How Dreamdata works and who it’s built for
  • (10:10) Know where to put your marketing dollars
  • (12:53) How to get your message to the decision-makers
  • (15:09) How to Scale your marketing and growth
  • (20:50) Where are your success/results coming from?
  • (25:27) Get in touch with Steffen

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