November 8, 2022

156 | How to close sales faster with automation with Kevin Snow

How to close sales faster with automation with Kevin Snow

How to close sales faster with automation with Kevin Snow

How to close sales faster with automation with Kevin Snow.
In today’s digital business climate, how best a sales team utilizes technology can differentiate between successfully closing a deal or losing out on a client. Closing sales is the most crucial final step for a sales team after prospecting, building a relationship, and performing a demo. There is no denying, therefore, that closing sales are the most challenging undertaking that demands sales reps deploy an array of tips and tricks to help expedite the deal closure.
In this episode, sales expert Kevin Snow shares with us the hacks for closing sales with automation. He reckons that the sales landscape is ever-evolving, and thus the sales team needs to continuously re-evaluate to keep pace with the evolving customer purchase decisions. With the growth of sales-transformative AI/ML-led tools, Kevin underscores the need for enterprises to leverage these technologies by making meaningful incremental changes in their sales processes. Interestingly, he touches on the place of a deal-closing pitch and why it is crucial to involve the sales team right from designing and deploying the sales automation tools of choice.

Key Time Stamps

  • (1:12) Kevin Snow’s journey to Sales automation
  • (7:48) Common challenges sales teams face that automation can easily help
  • (9:01) The role of a strong informative helpful pitch
  • (11:12) Importance of building relationships in automation
  • (13:37) Recommended automation tools for the beginner sales team
  • (14:48) Touching base prior to the involvement of the sales team
  • (18:10) Involving the sales team in the design of sales automation tools
  • (22:20) Incentive for the sales team to use automation tools

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