November 15, 2022

157 | Do Marketing Funnels Still Work? – Piyush Kukreja

Do Marketing Funnels Still Work? – Piyush Kukreja

Do Marketing Funnels Still Work? – Piyush Kukreja.
Funnels have been part and parcel of marketing and sales processes. However, with the advancement of technology and change in consumer behavior, you may wonder if funnels still have a place in today’s way of doing business. 
In this episode, we hear from a digital marketing expert about the place of funnels in modern-day business. He shares with us the six steps of his growth funnel domination framework and how it wins in the game of sales and marketing today. The undisputable overall verdict is in the affirmative that funnels are still crucial.
He is a Digital Growth Consultant running a Performance Marketing and Funnel Agency helping start-ups scale to 7 Figures. International Best Selling Author International Keynote Speaker. Please welcome Piyush Kukreja.

Key Timecodes

  • (01:40) Piyush Kukreja career background in digital marketing
  • (05:59) What does he attribute the successful downloads of his e-book to? (Focus on few targeted follower clients than many non-client followers)
  • (11:10)What are growth funnels?
  • The 6-step growth funnel domination framework
  • (11:28) Step 1: Foundation – create a profile for the primary customer
  • (14:14) Step 2: Mapping your funnel
  • (15:12) Guide to creating your own small quizzes from
  • (17:15) Step 3: seeking targeted quality traffic
  • (18:39) Show the right message at the right time on the right platform
  • (19:14) Research for targeted messaging
  • (20:39) Step 4: Launching the product: direct traffic on the landing page and leverage email automation
  • (30:41) Step 5: Using heat map and google analytics
  • (32:32) Step 6: Scale your funnels to the moon
  • (33:36) Piyush’s contact information

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