November 22, 2022

158 | The Jump-Off Point For Starting An SEO Program with Todd Foster

The Jump-Off Point For Starting An SEO Program with Todd Foster

The Jump-Off Point For Starting An SEO Program with Todd Foster.
Is it about time your business benefited from an SEO program? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is increasingly the go-to strategy for organizations to boost the ranking of their websites in search engines. Knowing the perfect jump-off point for starting an SEO program can be a rather complicated affair. It is crucial to get that timing right if you intend for your brand to climb in google search rankings by standing out from competitors.
Many SEO agencies promise great results within 4 to 6 months of running the program but is that often the case? As Todd cautions, plenty of overly cheap SEO programs on offer would not deliver the rankings sought after. Discover some of the right questions you should ask a potential SEO company before entrusting your cherished brand with them.
The key takeaway from this insightful episode is the need to stay consistent with your SEO program, given the ever-changing trends on Google. Staying dormant in the SEO game can adversely affect your website and, by extension bottom line. Have you ever wondered why SEO packages often vary from one agency to another? Yet still, do you have the proper budget and expectations for your SEO program? For answers to these questions and more, get insights from our SEO expert Todd Foster in this episode. Learn how to leverage your SEO program to the fullest today!

Key Timecodes

  • (2:09) Introduction to Todd Foster
  • (2:44) Todd’s inspiration for getting into the SEO business
  • (3:40) Keeping with the trends in the SEO business
  • (4:48) Tips to keep in touch with Google updates of SEOs
  • (6:00) Risk of working with a cheap budget for your SEO program
  • (7:10) Why SEO prices vary from company to company
  • (8:02) When does a company know it is ready to deploy an SEO program?
  • (9:03) How quickly can SEO results be expected
  • (10:09) Key questions to ask SEO agencies before taking them on
  • (12:20) Leveraging the safe SEO tool
  • (14:37) Most significant trends in SEO programs
  • (15:50) Recommended SEO program strategies for seasonal business
  • (18:15) Process of onboarding a new client for the SEO program
  • (19:50) How the SEO program grew a landscaping company to a multi-million franchise
  • (22:23) Replicating ranking success for mother company to franchises

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