November 29, 2022

159 – How To Create Multi-Use Content to Maximize Your Marketing Reach with Mandi Gould

How To Create Multi-Use Content to Maximize Your Marketing Reach with Mandi Gould

How To Create Multi-Use Content to Maximize Your Marketing Reach with Mandi Gould.
If you’re going to the trouble of creating content, shouldn’t you be sure that it’s reaching the maximum possible visibility across your marketing channels? In today’s competitive, fast-changing business environment, it can prove challenging for a small or medium business to create original, consistent and impactful multi-use content. You can gradually grow your organic social media reach and close more sales by being thorough in the way that you leverage multi-use content. Our expert today is our very own Mandi Gould at Merge Media, who shares how you can optimize your marketing content on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook.
As you will learn in this highly informative episode, multi-use content is worlds apart from merely copying content from one social media site to the next. Mandi underscores the need to reposition your content that functioned successfully on YouTube, for instance, before pushing the message to TikTok or Instagram. Indeed you can use clips from the video you uploaded on Facebook to create an interesting Instagram Reel that your target followers will appreciate. Alternatively, you can create a great tweet by borrowing words from your most successful post to your Instagram caption. Only some messages will be appropriate for some marketing platforms; thus, you should tweak each message to fit. Furthermore, she gives a thorough understanding of ever-green content and its essential place in today’s digital marketing.
With a greater focus on Tik-Tok, Mandi provides best practices for successfully using your multi-use marketing content. She rightly advises the need to hop on trends and find ways to adapt them to your niche. In general, learn from our expert how you can utilize that awesome videos, graphics, or text across multiple platforms to grow your marketing reach. As is our tradition, discover Mandi’s pick for our company’s brand ambassador.
Key Timecodes
  • (1:27) Background introduction to Mandi Gould
  • (3:15) Mandi’s breakdown of multi-use content
  • (5:00) The problem of copy and pasting for multi-use content
  • (6:03) The meaning of ever-green content and its significance
  • (9:30) Re-optimizing previously posted content to maximize your marketing reach (Don’t shy away from repurposing or reposting content)
  • (11:05) People expect to see it again if it is important
  • (13:21) Best practices on Pinterest for multi-use content
  • (18:15) Opportunities for small and medium businesses on Tik-Tok
  • (20:55) Leveraging multi-use content on Tik-Tok for a wider audience
  • (23:38) Common mistakes marketers make with social media marketing
  • (23:48) Put in the work in your multi-use content

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