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165 – How We Generated 2,377 Leads For a Caribbean Resort – Jay and Dave

In today’s episode of the Merged Podcast, I am bringing Dave back due to popular demand. It is the first hat trick for a guest on the Merged Marketing podcast! We are delving into a successful case study: How we generated 2,377 leads for a Caribbean Resort. I break this episode into three specific parts. The first segment deals with the client’s status before the Merged campaign. In the second part, we discuss the client’s status during the campaign effort and the steps we took to put them in the best position possible for generating leads. Finally, we talk about the aftermath of the campaign.
Indeed, this was different from your typical marketing campaign targeting families or families on vacation. Instead, it was a very niche and result-oriented campaign targeting investor-related with disposable income and those interested in a lifestyle type of investment. We break down how we delivered for this particular client to generate 2,337 leads eventually. We achieved this through our proposal that included social media advertising, google advertising, SEO, a new website overhaul, email marketing, and display advertising of some of our assets.
At the tail end of the episode, hear about another of Dave’s exciting choice of superheroe for Merged Marketing’s brand representative. It’s a slice, and you will enjoy it!

Key Timecodes

  • (0:50) Background introduction of the great marketing campaign
  • (2:28) The status of the client before Merged ran a campaign
  • (4:05) What we did for the client from the point of sale to onboard
  • (5:36) Challenges while onboarding the new client
  • (8:00) The creative leeway working with available client content
  • (10:23) Reinventing the wheel with the target audience
  • (12:50) Top of funnel, middle of funnel, and bottom of the funnel
  • (14:48) The nurture sequence through an email-driven campaign
  • (22:02) The last stage, the first sale (If you’re going to run a campaign like this, you need to have somebody specifically dedicated to nurturing of leads)
  • (25:57) Dave’s superhero choice for Merged brand representative

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