January 17, 2023

166 – Christy Pettit – Establishing a ‘Mentoring Mindset’

Establishing a Mentoring Mindset
Establishing a Mentoring Mindset.
A mentoring program is one of the most crucial and impactful tools a business can use to develop extraordinary talent and realize improved results. A mentoring mindset can be the byproduct of growing relationships with your networks.
In today’s episode, we are talking about establishing a mentoring mindset. Our guest on today’s show is Christy, CEO and co-founder of Pollinate Networks Inc. As Christy observes, mentoring is not a purely one-way street exercise. She laments that, in the spirit of reverse engineering, anyone can learn something from anyone, regardless of age or seniority. Indeed, an excellent mentoring program cuts both ways: it measures the mentee and the mentor. In this regard, Christy advises that you bring a mentoring mindset to all your relationships to realize growth.
With a mentoring mindset, you will develop a culture of continuous learning. As Christy explains, reverse mentoring helps a mentor learn from a mentee. It is a knowledge exchange program because the mentor can hear about the other person’s cares, concerns, and experiences. In this respect, it is increasingly becoming an organization’s mindset and skill set. Our guest underscores that a mentoring perspective’s core is the willingness to learn from anybody.
Christy gives us valuable perspectives about being an excellent mentor in this episode. She likens a good mentor to a human whiteboard: you map it out and get a chance to try it out.
In the end, Christy surprises us with her unorthodox brand representative choice. Enjoy this episode!

Key Timecodes

  • (1:06) Background introduction to Christy
  • (2:11) Christy’s definition of a mentor
  • (4:02) Target clients for the mentoring program
  • (5:20) Typical gap between mentor and mentee (Mentorship is the magic of talking to someone who has done what you are trying to do).
  • (7:35) Bringing a mentoring mindset into all your relationships 
  • (10:34) Leveraging your strengths to mentor others
  • (12:58) Who is a credible mentor? (A good mentor is like a human whiteboard) 
  • (14:43) Measurable results to expect from a mentoring program
  • (16:56) Mentorship program as a means of growing your network
  • (18:42) Matching a mentor and mentee perfectly
  • (20:21) Role of artificial intelligence and intelligent algorithms in mentoring programs
  • (22:15)   Matching pairs versus groups 
  • (24:29) Christy’s contact information
  • (23:49) Christy unorthodox choice of brand representative

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