January 24, 2023

167 – Marketing Systems for Tiny Teams & Budgets with Sarah Noel Block

Marketing Systems for Tiny Teams & Budgets with Sarah Noel Block

Marketing Systems for Tiny Teams & Budgets with Sarah Noel Block.

In this episode, we discuss marketing systems for small teams and budgets. My guest today is Sarah Block: a writer, editor, and content marketing strategist. With a particular specialization in marketing systems and budgets. She spells out how small teams can kick-start the process of building an effective marketing strategy under budget.
With my guest, we also delve into fundamental questions to ask a client during the information-gathering stage. These questions inform the small organization’s marketing strategy to realize desired outcomes. Given that small teams often have the luxury of large resources, Sarah helps us understand how best to craft marketing systems within available budget provisions. She observes that a small team should focus significantly on email because it is often the lead income generator. Similarly, she shares some tricks and hacks for growing your email list and leveraging it in marketing.
In the murky business world, knowing and staying focused on specific aspects of the business can often prove rather challenging for an entrepreneur. Luckily, our expert guest illuminates how to do that with commendable success. She underscores the need to hire help in the form of a virtual assistant to delegate minimal tasks. This way, an entrepreneur can undertake more critical functions of the organization. If you are anything like me, you have often wondered how you get to train somebody else to manage your thoughts.
Furthermore, when is the best time to hire a VA? Sarah expertly addresses herself to both these dilemmas for your benefit. Listen to this information-loaded episode to learn more about scaling your small business to a medium or large enterprise. Finally, get blown away by Sarah’s choice of a popular TV show character for her brand representative. Without a doubt, this is an episode worth your listen; enjoy!

Key Timecodes

  • (1:14) Sarah’s journey to marketing
  • (3:15) How does a tiny team start the process of building a marketing strategy (The important thing is to create a marketing plan that is doable for you in your actual real life, not an ideal life)
  • (4:53) Key questions in the information-gathering stage
  • (7:54) How do you decipher what the budget for a small team should be?
  • (8:54) Priority areas in the budget for a tiny team
  • (10:45) How to grow your email list exponentially 
  • (11:30) How do you outreach to have partnership webinars
  • (14:24) Strategies for entrepreneurs to stay focused 
  • (15:56) How do you delegate tasks to a virtual assistant (VA) accordingly?
  • (17:10) How do you train somebody (VA) to manage your thoughts?
  • (18:28) When is the perfect time to delegate to a VA?
  • (19:05) How to grow from a small business to medium size enterprise
  • (19:55) What marketing strategies are effective for your business?
  • (20:58) How is ChatGPT revolutionizing copywriting?
  • (23:12) Sarah’s contact information.


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