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170 – The 4 C’s To Selling Using META with Jason Hunt

In today’s episode, I am privileged to host myself to talk about the 4C’s To Selling via META. As many of you may be aware, META is an umbrella for the leading social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Meta Quest. This is a very important subject in 2023, given that how we use Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp) is no longer the same. The 4C’s to selling via Meta that I will be unwrapping in today’s episode are Content, Credibility, Conversation, and Conversion.
Today, it is remarkably different in how we deploy our ads, our assets, and the creative, which are ever tweaking and changing. In 2023 and going forward, creating content specific to the particular platform underneath META is highly necessary. Given that a successful Instagram piece of content may sometimes replicate a different success on a Facebook feed, it is crucial that we split the content into relevant clips. We are better off having a plethora of content and testing it on various platforms to realize where it best fits.
Also, in today’s solo episode, I address whether to use still pictures or video content on Meta’s platform for success. From our experience at Merged, we often find video content having greater success rates with the audience nowadays than still images which worked well in the past. I underscore the importance of having a brand ambassador as the face of the company in your Meta ads. This builds a sense of familiarity and trusts with the audience.
In terms of credibility, I argue for the need to leverage it in your retargeting ads. In other words, you need to complement that content with a secondary piece that supports whatever you are talking about in the initial video. In the 3rd C, I share some tricks and hacks on tailoring your communication through a nurture email sequence. Regarding conversion, it is important not to force things, leaving the purchase decision to the potential client. This can save you from buyer’s remorse and keep your convert for longer as a paying client.

Key Time Stamps

  • (0:01) Jason’s introduction of the 4C’s to Selling Using Meta
  • (1:26) The 1st C: Content – You want to test multiple variations of the content and pair them against each other to see which one performs best with on Facebook platform and its algorithm
  • (4:00) Still images versus video: Often, video content works much better; it is always wise to have a brand ambassador as the familiar face for your audience consistently
  • (6:05) The 2nd C: Credibility – Use it in your retargeting ads to complement your initial video content (The more familiar you are with the audience, the lower your lead cost becomes)
  • (9:16) The 3rd C: Conversation: Pivot your audience into a warm conversation by putting them on a nurture sequence through email
  • (13:41) Conversion: Let the person decide on when to purchase, don’t force on them (If the decision to be a client is theirs, then they will be your client for a long time)
  • (15:04) Example of a Merged successful campaign that utilized these concepts
  • (16:37) Conclusion and Jason’s contact information

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