March 1, 2023

172 – How We Wrote ‘Drop The Mic Marketing’ with Mike Ulmer

In today’s episode, I talk with my co-author, Mike Ulmer. We are talking about ‘How We Wrote ‘Drop The Mic Marketing .’ Mike’s bio speaks volumes: Aside from co-authoring Jason’s debut book ‘Drop The Mic Marketing,’ Mike Ulmer has had an illustrious 25-year career in journalism, having worked for the Woodstock Sentinel-Review, The Hamilton Spectator, The Hockey News, Southam News, National Post, and The Toronto Sun, where he served as a sports columnist for seven years. He has also authored 12 books, and his opinion pieces have been featured in the four major Toronto-based dailies: The Sun, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, and The Toronto Star.
I asked Mike about the process of information gathering, which included him asking me “business-unrelated” personal questions. He clearly explains the necessity to establish a comfortable environment where they can trust that the author is a good listener. It gives the reader clarity of who you are, what and why you did the things you did.
Next, I pose to Mike the question of what comes after the research process. He says that he and his team referred to the recorded audio manuscript to keep up with the authenticity of my story. Mike says it was the first time he worked with a “Japanese figure in gangster rapper” who loved doing music but loved marketing the music. He says he was drawn to my evolution from singing behind the mic to talking behind the mic to doing digital marketing, which he rightly observes is where my heart is.
Moving on, we talk about the relevance of baseball player Joe Dimaggio in the book. Mike illustrates how Dimaggio became a successful brand ambassador, having evolved from a baseball player. It perfectly relates to my story as a former “failed rockstar” to a well-performing digital marketer.
Next, I seek from Mike some of the hacks in research for the book’s direction. Mike admits he has no secret tricks but relies on his brain, which naturally harbors information. He has a head with a library of ideas.
Working on the initial script with the client – At this stage, Mike says he gathers just small details from the client. I was glad he threw in some cool superlatives to describe me: “a great client and fun guy .”A takeaway quote from him is, “Once you know who the principal star is, your book is done, for the rest is just details.”
Examples of other “failed Japanese rockstars” – Mike tells us a story of his former client, Mark, in his book “The 50-year-old Millenial.” Mark did not have a proposition, which is the foundation of every story in a book. In the book, he carves a more radical proposition for a fresh culture of servant leadership, challenging the conventional leadership style in business. My guest advises that you should not stop learning when writing a book because you get to review everything.
The exciting story of Ron Foxcroft – An official baseball referee, Ron spent US$300,000 on three Fox 40 whistles he invented that anyone did not want. The math wasn’t good at all. During one big match officials convention, he walked out to the compound in the middle of the night and blew his whistle loudly. The attending referees worldwide were startled by the sound of the whistle and wanted it immediately, marking the beginning of Ron’s empire.

Time stamps

  • (1:08) Introduction to today’s topic and guest
  • (2:19) Mike’s journey to writing books
  • (4:35) Information gathering during the initial stages
  • (9:25) What next after the research process
  • (14:40) The relevance of baseballer Joe Dimaggio
  • (16:07) Hacks in research for the direction of the book
  • (17:14) Working on the initial script with the client
  • (19:15) Examples of other “failed Japanese rockstars.”
  • (21:38) The exciting story of Ron Foxcroft

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