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Did you know there are about 200 search algorithms on Google that contribute to your ranking position? Google itself accounted for over 75% of search traffic and not surprisingly, the first five ranked websites receive the highest engagement. So, are you ready to receive out-of-this-world SEO services that will skyrocket your website’s ranking?

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Merged Media is proud to provide our clients with innovative web design solutions to enhance customer experience and help you reach your business goals. After your in-person sit-down with our marketing experts, we’ll ask you how you envision your website so our designers can create something with your own personal flair that’s modern, simple yet sophisticated, easy-to-navigate for users, and include eye-catching imagery and a colour palette that’s bound to impress anyone.

How We’re Different From

Other Canadian
SEO Companies

Organic search is the number one reason websites see traffic and is far more effective than paid search. Our SEO experts have been in this business for a long time and understand what it takes to improve your organic search rankings. During your digital marketing consultation with our CMO, our team comes together to truly understand your business goals so we can help you achieve them with a thorough SEO analysis.

White Hat SEO Services

There’s doing SEO the right way, and there’s doing SEO the wrong way. Here at Merged Media, we only believe in doing things the right way as opposed to going against Google’s policies. We want your website’s integrity to remain and, in return, keep a trusted lifelong friendship with our clients.

Local & Organic SEO

Depending on your industry specialty, we provide both local and organic SEO services. Our in-house experts will conduct a location-specific keyword analysis so local clients can easily find your business. For an organic SEO strategy, we truly get to know your industry so we can ensure search engines trust your content above others.

Backlink Boosting

Backlinks are vital to boosting your SEO rankings. They let clients know they can be confident in your product or services since one site is linking to another. Understanding how to do it yourself can be a tricky and lengthy process, but that’s where we come in and perform a competitive and thorough backlink analysis for you.

Consistent Reporting

It’s important to us that you reach your business goals, but better yet, it’s important to us that you can physically see your goals are within reach. Each month, we’ll provide you with an easy-to-read report outlining your continued SEO success and overall marketing campaign efforts.

The Local SEO Service

You’ve Been looking For

Are you tired of not ranking on Google? Have you been trying to figure out a way to boost your website traffic to meet your business goals? That’s where we come in. Our team of qualified experts have the tools and experience necessary to deliver promising SEO results to clients across Canada. Is SEO in Toronto competitive? Yes. Is SEO in Vancouver competitive? Yes. But when tools like ours, your online presence will stand out from the rest. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – our white hat SEO services make us stand out. We do things right the first time around so your rankings don’t suffer.


Optimizing content is important, but so is ensuring your main title, subtitles, header tags, meta descriptions and amount of keywords are updated. All the time put into this is well worth the efforts when you start seeing an improved Google ranking.

Optimized Social
Media Campaigns

Social media optimization is just as important as your website content. By using specific hashtags, a company logo, relevant biographies or usernames, etc., this can, in turn, increase your website traffic. We’ll track your progress with social media analytics to ensure we’re on the right track in improving your company’s growth.

Creative & Optimized Content

How are all these SEO keywords being implemented? By our in-office team of copywriters of course! Sure keywords are crucial, but if the content doesn’t make sense, what’s the point? Our copywriters know precisely how to create an appealing headline and how to implement the most important keywords that will engage with your clients.

More Than Just

An SEO Service


Optimizing content is important, but so is ensuring your main title, subtitles, header tags, meta descriptions and amount of keywords are updated. All the time put into this is well worth the efforts when you start seeing an improved Google ranking.


You may have a website that’s ranking well on Google, but is it a website that’s easy to use and navigate? We build websites from scratch and personalize them according to your needs and personal style and add a modern twist.

Social Media Marketing

What better way to improve your online presence than staying active across various social platforms? We create, schedule and post creative, visually-appealing and engaging content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more for you.


By leveraging all digital marketing means for your business, we can help you reach your business goals even quicker. Email marketing, social media marketing, Google ads, etc., the options are endless.

& Design

Are you a start-up business and don’t know where to start? Are you looking for a business refresh? Our compelling design services can help you create a logo that will become the trusted face of your company after getting to know you and what your company stands for.


Our web hosting packages ensure your website is running smoothly and you have the amount of storage needed for a successful performance. From WordPress Hosting, Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting, our packages cover all the bases.

Our Standard Optimization Process

We cover all the bases so you can rest assured knowing your website is fully optimized. From the initial website audit to an effective link building strategy and on-page optimization, we develop, create and execute a personalized search engine optimization plan of action. Curious about your progress? We also send monthly reports outlining the success of your SEO campaign.

Our cutting-edge Marketing Strategy

The digital marketing strategies we develop as a close-knit team are strictly meant to benefit our client’s businesses. Your business goals are now ours and we go above and beyond to make sure they’re achieved. We truly get to know you and your industry so we can determine the best course of action to get you ahead of your competition, increase your web traffic, and boost your level of quality leads. You’re unique and your customers need to know why with the help of a marketing expert.

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By contacting us today, we can schedule a date and time to meet in person and discuss your business goals and how we can help you achieve them. Our one-of-a-kind marketing strategies have been benefiting clients all over Canada since our SEO company came together with a social media marketing agency and since then, our services have been held to the highest standard. We stand behind our expert services and look forward to bringing your business the recognition and success it deserves.