March 16, 2021

059 | How to Turn an Online Course into a Successful Online Business – with Zach Spuckler


In today’s episode of the Merged Marketing Podcast, we welcome Zack Spuckler, who is here to teach us all about turning online courses into a successful online business.

Over the past 5 years, Zach Spuckler has spent over $400,000 in personal and client ad spend online, and has managed launches ranging from $3,000 to $300,000. He’s been featured on top podcasts like EO Fire, The Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, The Mind Your Business Podcast, The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast, and now, The Merged Marketing Podcast! After making over $1.4 million from a launch based business, he’s found some clear patterns along the way regarding what does and doesn’t work. Now, he’s here to share that knowledge with everyone who will listen! 


Mentioned in This Episode

What you will learn:

  • How Zach became a course consumer (2:10)
    • What to consider when investing in a course
  • How to price a course (6:06)
    • The basis for pricing your courses
  • What’s the evolution of course creation? How did Zach start? (11:04)
    • Generating revenue from nothing
  • Is the market for course creation saturated yet? (18:18)
    • 5 levels of market saturation
    • What do people want? Who do people want to be?
  • Getting started in course creation (22:42)
  • What to search for and where
  • What you need to launch your course (or any product)
  • Dealing with changes in Facebook strategy (30:15)
  • Facebook vs Google ads (33:05) 


Zach Mentality – Quotes From the Show

“I don’t have to follow the industry to be in the industry”

“The two best teachers in the world are Google and YouTube” 

“People are connecting with the identity of who they want to be

No one else is doing it the way you’re doing it, because no one else has your values, your morals, your compass, your ideology”

“If they’re busy ripping me off, I’m already one step ahead

“Make it stupid simple to pay you, and more people will”

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