January 5, 2023

164 – Create Epic Lead Magnets Your Prospects Can’t Ignore with Jason Hunt

Lead Magnets Your Prospects Can't Ignore with Jason Hunt

Lead Magnets Your Prospects Can’t Ignore with Jason Hunt

Lead Magnets Your Prospects Can’t Ignore with Jason Hunt.

Directing traffic to your website is fantastic. However, it is pointless to have many visitors who do not convert. Right? The best way to generate new leads is by use of a lead magnet. Indeed, lead magnets can be very persuasive and influential if appropriately utilized. 

Lead magnets are essential for a marketer to convert traffic into leads. This, in turn, helps you to have a list of prospects. In today’s special episode, I talk about marketing and lead magnets and what it takes to create epic lead magnets that your prospects cannot help but take notice of. I share with you insights, with relevant real-life examples, on how to realize lead magnets that ultimately provide your prospects with more excellent value.

An epic lead magnet offers your visitor something valuable for free. In exchange, you get their email address and permission to share more of your business’ offerings with them. As I demonstrate with relevant examples, lead magnets often work magic for businesses to get prospects to develop a genuine interest in your lead magnet topic.

I get to interact with you, my audience, by allowing you to guess the lead magnet campaign examples you think flopped or worked effectively. Enjoy this episode because I surely did enjoy it!

Key Timecodes

  • (2:13) Overview of why I am here talking about marketing and lead magnets
  • (03:53) Meta and Instagram: the leading social media platforms
  • (04:47) The social state of mind of the user
  • (05:40) Email: The lead magnet is the secret sauce
  • (06:27) The awareness level of your target audience when presenting them with a lead magnet
  • (08:34) Pillars of generating lead magnets that convert best
  • (18:55) The nurture sequence: What do with leads after getting them
  • (22:58) The funnel: How to get them from the browser on social media to opt-in on your lead magnet
  • (26:41) Frictionless lead form: Making it easy for users to fill in their details
  • (28:05) Contact information

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