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January 18, 2022

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Eve is an organizational psychologist, CCF Certified Coach, 3x founder with 2x business transition success. She works with leaders to better understand themselves, their culture and their people. Mentioned in This Episode: Elleboard – Canada Snowboard Episode 97 with Scott Duke Eve’s website – Selkirk Performance What You Will Learn: Eve’s journey (2:16) Owning and selling two businesses Morning mindset (10:22) Taking control Work with yourself (17:45) Keeping your momentum (23:10) The work day routine (25:54) Creating good habits (31:20) Planning and visualization Finding your trigger Get in touch with Eve (35:05) Eve Mentality – Quotes From the Show “You deal with money, and you deal with humans” “Control the day before the day controls you” “Work with what works for you” “Habits are 40-45% of our day”…

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